Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle
Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle

Welcome to Ivy Croft in Forest, Virginia

       Ivy Croft is located Forest, Virginia and is our Bedford County homestead. We are an All Natural Beef production Family Farm. Ivy Croft is an experiment in family farming that began in 2014. The experiment is not limited to a single type of livestock and will continue to grow as time passes. We are looking to add Goats and Pigs in the near term and whatever else we may want to try. We currently have Cattle, Sheep, Donkeys, and Chickens.


       The name Ivy Croft has a simple meaning that comes from two elements contained within. The first and foremost is the supply of fresh water running through the acreage provided by Ivy Creek. Ivy Creek is a tributary of major influence in the Lynchburg area as well as the James River. The second word Croft comes from Scottish and means small farm. So the combination creates a desirable conjunction of the land its water running through it.


       Ivy Croft also has plans to add a small orchard (Apple, Peach, Plum, and Pear Trees) as well as fruit bushes and vines to provide essential minerals and nutrition to our farm. Walnut trees, Pecan Trees, and massive old Red & White Oaks litter the hillsides and we plan on keeping it that way. Too many times here in Virginia old growth hard woods have been replaced with stands of Pine trees. Not here the wildlife and livestock will have access to the forest during the year to help sustain them. We realize that we are part of a bigger system within the environment and use this focus to shape our decision making on all project. 


        Ivy Croft Cattle paint the pastures with a blended herd of Ivy Croft Black AngusIvy Croft Hereford, Ivy Croft Red Angus, Ivy Croft BWF/ Black Baldies,  Ivy Croft Red Devon’s, and our Ivy Croft Commercial hybrids. We have balanced the elite genetics of some of the best cow herds in the United States and more importantly Virginia. Cattle have to be acclimated to their environment and ranching management style. Our IC Cattle flourish in a natural breeding setting raising multiple generations of excellent cows and bulls. The IC Cattle are the key to rebuilding the soil and are impossible to separate from their environment. With an all-natural cattle operation you forgo many of the traditional management protocols based on the way the cattle move daily and access to fresh clean water all the time. The results are quantifiable and sustainable. 


        Ivy Croft has become a multi-generational place of gathering and creating family centered life for many years to come. The location and connectivity to the earth beneath it will foster a strong understanding of many important life lessons and how important human involvement with nature really is. Mensa Sana in Corpore Sano, is a simplistic truth of life exemplified with the creation and proliferation of a family farm.



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  • 1701 Tabernacle Lane
  • Forest, VA 24551
  • E-mail: farmboss@ivycroft.com
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