Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle
Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle

Books Recommended by Ivy Croft


  • Virginia Tech Beef Cattle has an incredible amount of information about rotational grazing and cattle management. This is a must do start to learning about cattle and different ways to manage them. They also run an annual Hokie Harvest Sale which is a great way to support thier Ag School and purchase a few cattle to add to your herd. 
  • Grass Fed Cattle - By Jacob Bennett. A great intro on how to raise your Cattle on natural grass.
  • Ranching on Three Hours A Day - Cody Holmes. It really lets you see how you can manage your time and run a Cow Calf operation on just a few hours a day.
  • Paddock Shift - Alan Nation. Paddock Shift is a slightly more in depth look at a multiple species grazing on natural forage.
  • Greener Pastures on Your Side of the Fence - Bill Murphy. This is an advanced look into the science of rotational grazing and a great refernce guide to take it to the next level.
  • Grass Productivity - Andre Voisin. This book goes really into depth about rotaional grazing and factors that can affect your production. Defiantely an advanced look into grass farming.
  • Management Intensive Grazing - Jim Gerrish. Another upper level course book that goes more indepth into how to store winter forage for your grass fed grazing operation. He has a slightly different take on his watering systems as some of the others as well.
  • No Risk Ranching - Greg Judy. This is a brief over view of the financials of a grazing system wrapped into a good story about renting land and the troubles you may encounter.  It may just want to make you find land to rent instead of buying anything.
  • Salad Bar Beef - Joel Salatin. A Virginian and that hits close to home. Its rare that you find someone who is so intelligent and simple in the same regard. And when i say simple I mean he has the ability to see the simple answers to seemingly complex problems. A must read by anyone farmer or no
  • TicketsOnSale - Get out and enjoy some entertainment. Tickets On Sale sells tickets to Concerts, Sporting Events, Theatre and more. 



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