Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle
Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle

Ivy Croft Cattle For Sale Black Angus, Hereford, Black Baldy, and More.

      Black Angus Cattle for sale in Virginia seem to be the most popular option these days. Our IC Black Angus Cattle make great replacement heifers, cows, steers, and bulls. We have an excellent base of genetics and are culling hard to bring the best all natural cattle to market. We are focused on raising healthy cattle for herd building and eventual consumption. Contact us today if you are interested in some our private treaty cattle. 


       Ivy Croft has assembled some of the best genetics of any cattle operation around. Ivy Croft cattle are moved daily and kept in an all-natural way. We believe that you should be buying and consuming the healthiest beef possible. You can supplement your herd or consume Ivy Croft cattle with family and friends.  We have Black AngusWye AngusHerefordRed Devon/Angus Cross, and Balancer Bulls available. Commercial hybrids are available also such as Black White Face, Red White Face, Balancer/Devon Cross, Devon/Angus crosses. They all have their specific set of benefits and depending on your operation I am sure we have something to fit. F1 Crosses are fantastic for many people and we have some of the best right here in Forest, Virginia. We look for good momma cows that have no birthing problems, raise a heathy calf, slick out in the heat, and breed back quickly. No crazies here if they don’t fit in they are hamburger.


       Ivy Croft Cattle are not babied they are culled aggressively and required to fit into the daily moves, raise good calf's and have no birthing problems. If you are looking for papers for a registered herd look elsewhere. We breed Ivy Croft cattle from the best registered herd and turn them into excellent beef cattle. Ivy Croft cattle are given a fresh paddock daily, trace mineral salt, and fresh water, the rest is up to them and they do a fantastic job. Come by and see for yourself. 


       It all begins with a healthy calf on the ground, then from there the mother is responsible for keeping her calf on the path to success. With daily moves this can get a little tricky but nature answers the call and the cattle multiply on a regular basis.


       Take a look at our pictures to see what we have available. All Calfs are sold after weening (8-10 months). All steers for butchering are fully finished and will be tender but lean. Feeder Calfs area available as well please inquire via email. 

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