Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle
Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle

Ivy Croft Hokie Black Angus

         Ivy Croft has chosen the Hokie Harvest Sale as a way to get some of the best cattle produced in the state of Virginia. Virginia Tech's Agricultural program is leading the way for genetics and research for Cattle built for the climate in Virginia. When you look at the EPD's below you will clearly see the type of cattle that we will be raising at Ivy Croft. Our Ivy Croft Black Angus Cattle will be deep and full of generational genetic power.  We are focused on creating a good healthy calf on the ground by a cow who raises one every 12 months and breeds back quickly. In order to accomplish this you need a cow that maintains body condition as well as fitting in with our management system of daily moves. The end goal is to create an excellent piece of healthy beef on your plate and all the moves in between help this with humane handling methods. 


         We added a couple more IC Hereford Heifers that should produce some excellent Baldies. Our Ivy Croft Black White Face Cattle are powered by excellent registered Ivy Croft Black Angus Cattle and registered Ivy Croft Hereford Cattle. The growth on these Ivy Croft BWF cattle are incredible. The Ivy Croft Baldy is an excellent example of heterosis and should be considered by many as an excellent herd builder for replacement heifers.


          Seedstock from these beautiful ladies will be available in 2019. Check back often and don't miss out on the opportunity to add superior genetics to your own herd. Ivy Croft Cattle will take your operation into the next generation of Cattle productivity. These aren't just good on paper, they get the job done in the field and you can taste the difference when they hit your plate. 


2017 Hokie Harvest Sale Purchases

Sire of 2017 Hokie Harvest Heifers

2018 Hokie Harvest Sale Purchases

Sire of 2018 Hokie Harvest Heifer 29

Sire of 2018 Hokie Harvest Heifers 35&36

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