Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle
Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle

Ivy Croft Black Angus Cattle

      Ivy Croft has assembled a fantastic herd of Angus Cattle from near and far to create our own version of the Angus breed. Ivy Croft Angus Cattle flourish on pasture with only mineral salt, fresh water, and daily pasture moves. We have set up a rotational grazing system to more closely align with cattle and pasture health. We are helping repair the soil with the cattle with our management practices. You will see that we almost every major breeder of significance in America in our genetic pool for Angus Cattle. We have Black & Red Angus that can trace thier roots back to the origional Scottish bloodlines of Aberdeen Angus Cattle. By taking this pool of genetics we have in essence created Ivy Croft Cattle. When you see our red tag and Ivy Croft on it you know that you are getting some of the best beef cattle around.


       2018 has been a big year so far for adding to our Black Angus herd. We are focused on low birth weight, fast growth, and hardy cattle. Recent additions have come from Phelps Creek Cattle Brookneal, Virginia and Whitestone Farm in Aldie, Virginia. With the addition of new genetics for our Black Angus herd the heifers and cows purchased will be showing their genetic strength soon enough. When you begin to look around at great IC Black Angus genetics in Virginia you will see that we have SAV, GAR, Rita, Connealy, Pine View, Blackbird, WYE, KCF, OCC, EF, MSA, MCC, Tanner, Whitestone, and many more. It is rare to find a farm with this genetic pool. Top genetics and quality cattle will fuel our future sales. 


       In 2017 Ivy Croft aquired 3 heifers from the annual Hokie Harvest Sale at Virginia Tech University. These three heifers will become the foundation of future generations of future cattle raised here on site. All three of these fine ladies have the same daddy who has an impressive genetic background as well. I am fairly certain with these powerful genetics the calves produced with be excellent. Ivy Croft Hokie Black Angus Cattle are impressive and you can clearly see the difference of thier genetic make up. 

      2018 Additions from Whitestone Farm

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