Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle
Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle

Conservation Projects At Ivy Croft


Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation: They have some excellent resources for learning more about how to improve the environment and possible government programs that help with costs of such. 


CREP Program: Partnering with the USDA and local Bedford FSA office Ivy Croft has fenced off all streams, creeks and tributaries in an effort to make the James River Watershed a cleaner river. We have placed automatic waterers in several locations around the farm and have found the access to clean fresh water to be beneficial to the livestock and wild animals as well. 


Quail Management Assistance Program: We are not taking any governemnt funding for this project but instead it will be self financed but with direction from the Virginia Quail Management Program. We will be releasing several coveys of Quail every year in an effort to rebuild a once prominent member of the Virginia Countryside.


Bee Hives: We started keeping Bees in 2016 to help with the Orchard and summer garden. Since then we have added to origional two bee boxes and have a total of 8 spaced out around the farm. We use Warre Hives mostly and have found them easy to maintain. These little polinators have been a fantastic addition and every farm should have a few bee boxes. 


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