Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle
Ivy Croft All Natural Black Angus Cattle

Ivy Croft Wye Black Angus Cattle

        On April 6th, 2018 we acquired a small herd of Wye UMD Black Angus genetics from the Wye 40th anniversary sale. The Wye herd is one of the best closed herds of grass fed Black Angus genetics in the United States. Original Scottish genetics founded the herd of Wye and the gates have been closed for 40 plus years. Blackbird of Wye 10448 purchased is from the Angus Association Pathfinder search for superior cows and the embryo transfer heifers are from Pathfinder genetics and legendary Wye bulls. These grass fed cattle are known for fattening well, growing into sizeable stock as well as breeding efficiently on pasture. Below are our purchases for growing our Wye herd:


  • Blackbird of Wye UMF 10448 preview: youtube video
  • Leonid X 10177 (MGS Bangle) ET Bull
  • Luthien X 9753 (MGS Bartor) ET Bull
  • Brassard X 9193 (MGS Fice) ET Heifer
  • Lodi X 10130 (MGS Alap) ET Heifer

        We are really excited to see these grass fed genetics in our rotational grazing program. The numbers of the purchased lots are 4,  10, 12, 17, and 19.  Offspring and cross outs will be available starting in 2020. 


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